We are a community of growth-minded, fun-loving married, engaged and seriously dating couples determined to make our love the greatest of all time. We do that by finding ways to get better!

R.E.P.S. is an interactive web application that makes it easy for couples to cultivate a rock solid relationship! Join our launch group* today and start planning for the future, capturing memories and celebrating moments that make your love legendary.

* The R.E.P.S. Platform is in the early stages of development so we are offering the first 1000 couples an opportunity to be a part of our launch group! That means you will pay the same $65 annual fee for the life of your membership AND you will have access to exclusive perks. All we ask in exchange is that you provide your honest feedback so that we can create the most engaging content, useful features and exciting competitions. We also ask that you spread the word so that our community can grow! Our greatest desire is to see more relationships thrive. We hope that you will join us on this incredible journey!

App Benefits:

  • Solidify a growth plan
  • Develop relationship skills
  • Cultivate a team mindset
  • Maintain and/or increase relationship satisfaction
  • Experience greater connection/intimacy
  • Have fun together
  • Exposure to relevant and applicable content
  • Be equipped to resolve conflict without counseling
  • Access professional support (when needed)
  • Never forget an anniversary, birthday or special occasion again
  • Be rewarded for your hard work and dedication

App Features (not an exhaustive list):

  • Interactive and gamified
  • Engaging content
  • Captures history of relationship
  • Help developing a winning strategy for your season of life
  • Simple planning tools
  • Photos organized by year/theme
  • Personalized “wish lists”
  • Timely reminders
  • User incentives
  • Contests/random give-a-ways