High Five Assessment

The High Five Assessment will help you identify your relational strengths as well as your growth areas. Click one of the links below to access the assessment tool. While it is not the full version, it will provide enough insight for you to know where you need to grow. We advise taking the assessment separately before coming together to compare/discuss.

Team Us_Married

Team Us_Engaged/Seriously Dating

MC Podcast: Motivation for Couples In It To Win It!

Whether you are a “Spectator” (dating), “Rookie” (newlywed), “All-Star” (married 4-9), “Seasoned Pro” (married 10-20) or “Hall of Famer” (married 21 years and beyond) the Marriage Champs Podcast  is for you! Our goal is to help you become a “winner” at marriage by sharing what it means to love and live like a champion!

What you can expect:

  • Engaging content
  • Live interviews
  • Coaching tips
  • Contests
  • The truth about marriages that thrive and those that don’t survive!

Available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcast and all other listening platforms.


 10 Ways to Sabotage Relationships