We help in-it-to-win-it Christian couples build epic, all-time great marriages in just 10-minutes a day!

From good to G.O.A.T.!

We offer a different approach to mastering the dynamics of marriage, and creating a stronger, faith-fueled, loving relationship that’s truly built to last. 

Our secret to success? We show couples how to proactively take their relationship from good to great in just 10-minutes a day by coaching them on the “High Five.” Our method is structured, scientifically supported and most importantly, FUN!

Are you a proactive couple or a reactive couple?

Proactive Couples Are:

  • Intentional 
  • Aware
  • Prepared 
  • Preventative
  • Deliberate
  • Growth-minded

Reactive Couples Are:

  • Unintentional 
  • Lack awareness
  • Often improvising 
  • Waiting for problems to arise
  • Impulsive
  • Fixed-minded  

Proactive couples communicate better, have more fun, get more accomplished and experience less stress. We want to help you BE MORE PROACTIVE as you work to build an epic, all-time great marriage!

Be Proactive!

1. Take the FREE Assessment

The High Five Assessment will help you identify your team’s strengths and areas for growth. We believe that in order to arrive at your desired destination, you must first know your starting point.

2. Join R.E.P.S.™

Gain access to the resources, coaching tools and community your team needs to take your love from good to G.O.A.T.!


3. Attend a Workshop or Special Event!

Experience the magic of community by participating in a Skills & Drills Clinic, attending a special event or registering for our next premarital conference.

Not ready to commit? No worries! Join the“Winner’s Circle” for community updates, coaching tips and MORE!

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