Home of the Couples Who Refuse to Lose!

Who We Are

We are an ally for couples who want to preserve, strengthen and/or repair their relationship.

What We Do

We help couples achieve more, together!

Why We Do It

We want to see couples sustain fulfilling relationships long-term!

How We Do It

We create products and provide services that target five critical areas: Spiritual Growth, Passion, Intimacy, Teamwork and Commitment. These foci make up our conceptual framework for understanding relationships that thrive and those that don’t survive.

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Seriously Dating, Engaged or Already Married?

Achieve the rewarding relationship you desire!


Want a thriving relationship? There’s an app for that! Click HERE for more information.


Sometimes couples think they need counseling when all they really need is coaching! Not sure which one is right for your situation? No worries! Schedule a FREE consultation today and we will help you figure it out!


Do you have a competitive spirit? Are you and your mate ready to try something new? Our live events are exactly what you’ve been looking for! Click HERE for more information.

UPDATE: All live events are on hold as a result of COVID-19. In an effort to provide additional support, we will be hosting virtual WINsday Nite Huddles® for the next several weeks. Starting Wednesday, March 18th, couples can join us online at 7:30pm (CST) to ask questions, identify resources or simply receive encouragement. We will offer tips for managing stress, educating your children and maximizing your time as a couple. We hope that you will take full advantage of your opportunity to WIN BIG in the midst of uncertain times.


Your relationship has a 50% chance of survival. If you’re in your second serious relationship the odds of success are even less. Increase your odds in eight short weeks by taking the Legendary Love Challenge. We guarantee results or your money back! If you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, what are you waiting for!?

Coaches and Counselors

Become more visible/accessible to couples seeking your expertise.


Interested in helping couples develop the skills to sustain their relationship long-term? Consider becoming a Certified MC-Skills and Drills Coach®. For more information email info@marriagechamps.com.


Clinicians, do you want you to be more visible and accessible to couples seeking your expertise? If so, consider enrolling as a resource for our online platform. For more information on how we’re using technology to strengthen marriages, give us a call or send an email to admin@marriagechamps.com.


You have A LOT to offer, why keep it to yourself?! What a blessing it would be to have you as a guest on our next WINsday Nite Huddle®. If interested, please give us a call or send your contact information to admin@marriagechamps.com.


What if every adult in your congregation had the skills to establish and maintain a healthy, Christ-centered, marriage?


We want to partner with you to strength the couples and families in your congregation by training your leaders, providing resources and offering ongoing support. For more information or to explore this opportunity in greater detail please give us a call or email admin@marriagechamps.com.


Become more visible to couples seeking to grow spiritually and/or are searching for a church home by enrolling as a resource for our online platform. For more information on how we’re using technology to strengthen marriages, please give us a call or send an email to admin@marriagechamps.com.


Consider sponsoring one or more couples in your congregation (or community) to attend a live event hosted by Marriage Champs. For more information click HERE, give us a call or email info@marriagechamps.com.

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